About Me

    My love history with photography started when I was still a kid and I would ask my father if I could take pictures with his camera every time that I got a chance to. At the age of 16, I became a model, however, I would always admire the photographers and the different strategies that they would use to perfect the pictures; by the time that I had been tired of modeling, I realized that I was more interested in photography and decided that I would try it out. Time flew and I was in University doing Journalism when the camera came back to my hands and I enjoyed learning more about photography on all its angles.


   Following my graduation, I moved to France and there I could walk on Henry Cartier Bresson neighbourhoods and the passion for photography could only grow bigger in my heart. 


   After more workshops and classes on photography and movie, I started to work with my passion. From a documentary to a family photographer, the journey was long but amazing. Meanwhile I became a mum of 3 wonderful kids that became my main source of inspiration.


   I started to work with family, children and baby photography in 2011, when I was living in Dubai with my kids and husband.  

   Now, living in London since 2014, I feel happy spending time with my clients, creating for them and with them a story in images that will stay forever in their hearts.


    So how can we go about capturing your wonderful family?  Contact me, it’s time to capture your story…

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